Click and Slide

Click and Slide

Sliding puzzle


  • Use own JPEGS
  • Scoring against clock



    I used to have hours of fun in the back of my dad's car with these slide puzzles. You know the ones. They're like jigsaw except all the pieces are already placed together, however they are in the wrong order and to rearrange them you need to slide each piece to its correct place.

    This is easier said than done of course because sometimes to get one square just to the adjacent space can mean rearranging the whole game.

    There are images here for you to play with but you can also upload a JPEG of your choice, whether it's a funny picture off the internet or something from the family album.

    There are three levels of difficulty and a scoring system that counts your progress against the clock.

    Fun sliding puzzle game, upload your own images.

    This is a small jigsaw puzzle game for PocketPC, it is part of the Puzzle Collection that will be released soon. The game is coded in . NET Compact Framework and runs on any PocketPc with .

    Click and Slide


    Click and Slide

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